CF Warehouse

It may be called a "warehouse," but CF's warehousing facilities are state-of-the-art. Their commitment to stay on top of technology and innovation in the inventory storage, distribution management and shipping logistics industry.

CF Warehouse facilities are secure, food-grade rated and ISO 9000 certified. They also provide full logistical support programs, specialized value added services, and EDI communications available on site.

Select value-added services include:

  • Product assembly and incursion
  • Labelling/Bar code technology
  • Product inspection
  • Product refurbishing
  • Consolidation and de-consolidation of shipments
  • Slip sheet or clamp truck services for paper handling
  • Cross-docking, sea packing or containerizing
  • Other value added services

CF Warehouse and Distribution offers contract warehousing, public warehousing, and third party warehousing with rates calculated by the skid, cube, square foot, or contract.