Heat-tolerant plants are crucial for any summer garden. They afford a mid-summer revival when humidity takes its toll on spring carry-overs.

CF Greenhouses offers an entire summer program of heat-tolerant plants and flowers to keep the avid gardener busy with an extensive array of Hibiscus, Argyranthemum, Lantana and Rudbeckia.

Heat Tolerance in the Home Garden

Heat tolerance varies widely from species to species. Many plants that naturally grow in arid tropical regions are very heat tolerant, while subarctic plants and alpine plants show very little tolerance for heat. High night temperatures are often the most limiting factor for many plants.

Make sure you choose optimal growing locations for the plants and flowers you buy:

  • What are the growing conditions in the planting locations?
  • Are the plants being planted in flower beds, window boxes, patio planters, or hanging baskets?
  • How much heat and sunlight will the plants receive?
  • Water drainage and soil conditions also need to be taken into account?

Planning in advance and knowing the climate patterns in your part of the world and the weather in your garden will save you a lot of work.