Your garden doesn't wither up and die on Labour Day, so why should you stop gardening? There's a whole seasons-worth of autumn colours yet to be planted.

Although winter is around the corner, CF Greenhouses brings you the best flowers and colours of the season. These include outdoor, fall garden mum pots, flowering cabbage, flowering kale, sunflowers, mixed planters and asters. These items are grown in various pot sizes from (6-18 inch).

Fall Gardening Tips

Fall is the perfect time to prepare the garden for the next spring, while adding new beds of hardy flowers like mums and asters. The soil is still warm enough for the roots to take hold, and the air is cool enough to maintain more consistent moisture levels—you won't need to be out in the garden with your hose every couple of hours like you did in the late summer heat. Late fall rains are great for gardens, setting them up for the long, sometimes dry winter.